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- 04 Nov 2013

A Harvest of Halloween Horrors

With Halloween once again upon us I’ve brought out my precious pumpkin carving equipment and got the creative juices flowing…..before I show you my final 2013 creation I wanted to take you down memory lane and remind you of my previous incarnations…..

Counting down:

2010 we had the sculls

2011 a Viking theme took place

2012 saw another another large and ugly head!

This year I decided to go with the Hellraiser Harvest of Halloween Horror (I must say he looks like a rather happy Hellraiser)!

Happy Hellraiser Halloween Pumpkin

- 29 Oct 2012

My 5 VIP…Very Impressive Pumpkin Promises…..

Here I am….sat with my carving tools, 25lbs pumpkin and expectations to better my 2011 Hallowe’en carving.

The Pumpkin arrived from Entremettier, my Covent Garden supplier yesterday. As growing conditions have been less than ideal in 2012, the pumpkin is not quite as gargantuan (212lbs) as last year. He is nevertheless a good shape, size and condition for anatomical dissection and transformation into hopefully an epic character.

Halloween Pumpkins at OGGSVenue
2012 Pumpkin pre-carving

´╗┐Everyone would like to know what I will be carving, but I’ll let you into a little secret…..I dont know yet myself. Sure I have an idea, but it’s not until you start carving that it all comes together. It’s what I love about pumpkin carving; the creativity and uncertainty. Here are 5 pumpkin promises until you visit my blog tomorrow to see the finished article. The 2012 masterpiece will hopefully be…..

1) definitely a boy. It’ll be far too ugly to be a girl

2) a villainous figure of some sort, it is Hallowe’en after all

3)  evil and bijou rather than enormous!

4) inspired by an American artists called Ray Villafane. Perhaps unexpected in a year celebrating all things British, but if you take a look at his website, you will understand why I have drawn inspiration from him

5) displayed in our on-site Cafe Bar from 11am on Hallowe’en. The Cafe Bar is open to the public and if you are visiting to admire the pumpkin tomorrow, you can pick up a free Lavazza by simply whispering ‘Pumpkin’ to any of the serving team on this one day only.

Pumpkin surgery can take anything from one hour to five hours. Best I get on with the most fun and creative responsibility on my job description in my temporary Harley Street type office! Until tomorrow…