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- 04 Nov 2013

A Harvest of Halloween Horrors

With Halloween once again upon us I’ve brought out my precious pumpkin carving equipment and got the creative juices flowing…..before I show you my final 2013 creation I wanted to take you down memory lane and remind you of my previous incarnations…..

Counting down:

2010 we had the sculls

2011 a Viking theme took place

2012 saw another another large and ugly head!

This year I decided to go with the Hellraiser Harvest of Halloween Horror (I must say he looks like a rather happy Hellraiser)!

Happy Hellraiser Halloween Pumpkin

- 31 Oct 2012

My Halloween 2012 Villain

Something strange is going on in the Cafe bar tonight….

Halloween in OGGSVenue Cafe Bar
Warm welcome to our Cafe bar

Having worked on my pumpkin creation, here is the finished scary piece of art.  What do you think?

Pumpkins at Halloween by Chef at OGGSVenue
My Pumpkin Carving Creation 2012

Now must dash back into the kitchen. It has been a busy day and I have trick or treaters waiting for me at home too!