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Happy New Year to everyone…. as per usual to coincide with the New Year we have released our brand new catering menu ready for 2015. 

New menu at One Great George Street

We began the lengthy process of creating the new menus over the summer when we were a little quieter.  It gives us time to take a look at what other venues and restaurants are serving, check out what is trending as well as review our suppliers.  We also conduct some customer and staff research to find out what people want and like.

Following the successful introduction of bowl food to our menus in 2013, we have decided to extend the amount of options available and re-categorise them to make them easier to read and differentiate on the actual menu itself.  There are now extensive fish, meat, vegetarian and sweet bowls available, including:
Tuna loin seared and marinated on a pomegranate and avocado salad with tempura flakes and a soy, fresh lime and ginger dressing from the fish selection,
Lamb tagine with Moroccan apricot couscous or chickpea tagine for vegetarians from the meat and my favourite on the sweet section is,
Citrus posset with shortbread crumble.

Another new addition after evaluating your helpful feedback is to offer a combination and packaging up our bowl food and canapé options together.  In the past you, our clients have asked for our help and advice when it comes to selecting menu items for your events.  We of course are always happy to do this but we thought we would anticipate your needs…give you a little “food for thought” if you like, before having that conversation with your event co-ordinator.  We now offer bowl food and canapés collectively as a package price as well as recommending which selections will complement and go well together.
Back by popular demand are the suggested seasonal seated lunch and dinner menus.  We realise we only produce one menu per year so we do take into consideration all the seasons in one go; therefore these suggestions are very handy for giving inspiration at a specific time of year.

Also following on from my last blog, not to forget the food labelling legislation now in force (as of 13th December 2014). All our menu items have full allergen documentation available; please simply ask me for more details on any specific dish.

Most of us will know that Caipirinha is a nice cocktail although perhaps not its origins. What do these things have in common you wonder? Well, if you are Brazilian you will know that they all come from your home country.
On 11 June, the Brazilian Permanent Representation to the International Maritime Organisation, which is based just over Westminster Bridge on the south side of the River Thames held a lunchtime reception to celebrate the 148th anniversary of the Riachuelo Naval Battle and Brazilian Navy Day and which included Awards of the Order of Naval Merit Medals.
The Great Hall presentation with the Brazilian Navy
Presentation in the Great Hall
Having attended previously receptions here given by the Chilean Navy, the organisers saw our stately Great Hall as the ideal location and venue for this very important occasion.
Guests included naval attachés from many countries as well as representatives from the Royal Navy and other diplomatic representatives. Those in active service came in full ceremonial uniform which made the cloakroom an interesting sight with all the caps carefully laid out.
Brazilian Navy Caps
Brazilian Navy Caps 
In all, there were 300 guests, first assembled in allocated spaces for the award of the medals. Guests were greeted at the door by Admiral Mendonca, the Brazilian Navy’s most senior representative in the UK while the medals were given by His Excellency the Brazilian Ambassador. Special messages from the President and the Head of the Navy were given in writing to guests in a commemorative handout.
After the formal proceedings ended, guests were offered Caipirinhas, red and white wines, soft drinks and Guaraná, a very popular soft drink available all over Brazil and also now here where it is available in some Waitrose stores.
Great Hall at OGGSVenue the Brazilian Naval reception
 The Brazilian Naval reception in the Great Hall
A selection of canapés including the Pastels, a very light pastry plus a selection of bowl food, one of which was Bobo de Camarao.
Bodo de Camaro at OGGSVenuePastels at OGGSVenue
The organisers held a tasting with us to see how good we were at making these 2 food items and give or take a few minor adjustments they said we did very well and on the day they turned out perfectly. Similarly they tested our cocktail making skills and were impressed with our Caipirinha mix.

Hello again and thank you for coming back to read my second attempt at blogging.

Those of you who are regulars here at One Great George Street may have noticed that we have an additional section in this years Catering Menu, with the inclusion of bowl food for the first time. Yesterday my team prepared a tasting session for the Sales and Events team, this is one meeting everyone turned up for and on time! Here is a snap of me taking one of the bowl food trays out to them to sample.
Bowl food is of course hardly the new kid on the block as far as food innovation is concerned, so why, you might ask, have we never featured it before? To be honest the only reason it hasn’t made it onto the menus in the past is because I personally didn’t really know how I felt about it as function food.

What did I think I hated about bowl food?
1) Definitely concerns over practicality. What do you do with your glass while you are eating, as you need two hands to do so?
2) What happens to the empties in a busy
3) Do we want to invest in the equipment and where do we then store it?

4) Will we always have enough service space?
5) Will it be a two minute Fad that would fade away?

What I now love about bowl food?
1) Our excellent sales team have been telling me that it is a constant request which has proved to be correct as I can tell from our catering figures and how busy my team are!

2) It’s a creative chef’s dream because of the huge potential in pure food terms by being able to create small and tasty dishes with very few restrictions.

3) It’s perfect for networking events which we are a popular venue for.

4) You can try a ‘little bit of this’ and ‘little bit of that’!

5) It’s cost effective if you are on a tight budget in these difficult times and cannot afford one of my 7 course fine dining meals, as impressive and fabulous as they might be.

So this year I finally put my ambivalence to one side and with the aid of my two senior chefs, Joanne Dingwall and Charlene Basan, created a brand new menu.

Chef and Jo busy planning the menu

Now that it’s done I can’t remember why I made such a song and dance about it, and I have gone from being lukewarm to super excited about the whole concept.
We have already done several tastings and the feedback from the clients has been fantastic.

The most popular dishes are proving to be:
1) ‘Thai green curry with sticky rice’
2) ‘Salt and pepper squid with Asian slaw’ see the photo at the top of this blog
3) ‘Crab, watermelon, cucumber, mango, ginger and dill salad’
4) ‘Chocolate brownies with white chocolate sauce’

Back to my pots and pans. Until next time……..


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