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- 02 Aug 2016

The Banqueting Menu – from Planning to Plate

Chef, One Great George StreetOne of our biggest undertakings of the year is without doubt the writing of the banqueting menu. At the moment we are right in the middle of the main of period of menu writing, but the process started months ago and will continue for a few more months to come. To be honest by the time the new menu comes into operation in January 2017 it will feel like an old friend and we will be comfortable and confident with our new dishes. Strange as it may seem, the process of creating the next year’s menu starts with the first function of the year in January. We will be looking at the customer’s menu choices to see what information we can learn. Have they gone for the new dishes or stuck with what they know? What combinations have they chosen? Are they choosing safe options or being bold?


- 14 Apr 2015

Back in time for our Wedding Showcase

One Great George Street’s Great Gatsby-esk Wedding Showcase is only a couple of days away now, and here in the kitchen we are turning our attention to the 1930’s wedding canapés to be served in keeping with the theme. For this event we have designed some bespoke canapés to capture the essence of the era, and our team is excited about creating something that is old but at the same time new to them.  We researched what food might have been available back in those pre-war years, and I drew some inspiration from my time at The Savoy back in the mid 1980’s that was nothing if not traditional.