Author: Perry Simmonds

Events Manager

It was last autumn when I met the ex-Location Manager of Downton Abbey. I say ex because filming had ended after 6 years and the last series was aired over the winter. He came to One Great George Street looking for a location to shoot something else.

I was a fan of Downton from the beginning as I was of Upstairs Downstairs which I watched as a child in the 1970s. There was a new pilot series of Upstairs Downstairs shown in 2012 which excited me greatly but I think it got swamped by the huge success of the much grander Downton Abbey.


The Night ManagerThe special events team at One Great George Street were delighted our venue was chosen as a filming location for the BBC’s adaptation of John le Carré’s thriller, The Night Manager

As a Grade II listed historic building located in Westminster, our conveniently-located and diverse spaces – from magical, old-world libraries to the jaw-dropping Great Hall – are ideal for lavish, period TV series or films. Location Manager Tom Howard was a pleasure to work with, and while it was a busy period for the venue either side of the filming, we worked together to ensure a stress-free environment for the cast and crew. A highlight was seeing Olivia Colman in action in our Great Hall and the resultant exposure within Episode 1 & Episode 2 currently on BBC Iplayer. Don’t miss Episode 3 this Sunday 6th March!

Discover One Great George Street as a filming location.

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