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- 30 Oct 2018

A Waste-free Halloween

With Halloween looming and pumpkins ducking for cover, it may be nice for the humble pumpkin to find a resting place a little less grim than the compost heap!  This recipe from our Head Chef Charlene allows you to make good use of the trimmings and scrapings to create a lovely sharing dish that isn’t half as scary as its cousin sitting at the front door welcoming potential tricksters (like the above pumpkin I’ve just carved up in the OGGS kitchen). Read on to discover the recipe and my pumpkin carving process for those seeking inspiration for their own creations…


- 24 Oct 2017

Pumpkin Jam Recipe

Pumpkin Jam Recipe - One Great George Street

The thick end of 30 years ago I worked with a chef from the Algarve in Portugal who used to blather on about a pumpkin marmalade that his mother made back home on that beautiful, sun kissed Atlantic coast. I would fain interest and say something like “that sounds amazing, you must give me the recipe” but in truth I couldn’t think of anything more revolting; a marmalade made of cattle fodder? What a backwards country Portugal must be. However I have to admit that pumpkin marmalade, slightly annoyingly, wedged itself in the deep recesses of my memory.


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