We will be officially reopening our doors very soon – and we can’t wait to see you all!

We are still excited about one of our biggest upgrades ever and want to share some of the technical details with you!


  • Projection screen replaced with a 10m x 3m seamless front projection screen

  • Single projector replaced with dual edge-blended Panasonic Laser 10k AL projectors

  • Sound deck replaced with new 16 channel digital unit

  • New input/output plates including HDMI & SDI

  • Powerful video processing and switching scaler installed (4K resolution – for multiple video windows)

  • 4K preview monitor in the control room

  • New 4k high-spec laptops and source devices to compliment the new system

  • Updated AMX Control Interface


If all of that means nothing to you – don’t worry – just contact the team, using the e-mail address: info@onegreatgeorgestreet.com; and one of our team can show you in real life – complete with social distancing measures in place, of course!



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