You may have had many different thoughts on what type of wedding you would like to have – the choices can be overwhelming! However, wedding planning doesn’t have to be. Micro weddings are gaining massive popularity for a variety of reasons, and here are ours:

1.A more relaxing day

Does the thought of hosting a large number of guests seem daunting to you? Do you want to be able to enjoy YOUR day, rather than focusing on everyone else? A micro wedding will eliminate the need to do that, so you can focus on truly relishing your nuptials.

2.Fewer details to worry about

As the saying goes…’ It’s all in the details’; we would definitely agree with this, however, if there are less details to worry about, you can spend more time focusing on what’s important to you.

3.More time to spend with guests

Fewer guests invited, means more quality time spent with your honored guests. Show your loved ones just how special they are by inviting them to your exclusive and intimate wedding.


We all have our own part to play in conserving our planet’s resources & by having a small wedding you are becoming part of the solution – that’s definitely something to feel proud about!

5.You can still get married in 2020!

The pandemic may have put a hold on a lot of things – but micro weddings aren’t one of them! Weddings for up to 15 individuals are still permitted; so if you thought a 2020 wedding was not an option, you thought wrong! We are fully capable of holding your micro wedding in accordance with safety guidelines. Our website details all the current measures in place.

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