Autumn time is creeping up on us, and we have been using our downtime to carry out maintenance and upgrades to our building. At One Great George Street, we combine classic Edwardian architecture, with the latest technology for your convenience; and we are excited to share one of our biggest upgrades to date!

In partnership with RunTech, new audiovisual equipment has been installed in the Telford Theatre

This new projection system allows us to fill our expansive 10m x 3m screen fully. We also have a new switching system that allows us to send high-quality content in a more flexible way to the screen and comfort monitors, giving clients a hugely upgraded experience. The whole system runs on a 4K60P network for the highest quality of playback ever.


That’s not all!….

New laser projectors from Panasonic and an Aquillon switcher from Analog Way power the new system. This allows us to display content in a 4:3 and 16:9 ratio as we have previously; but also allows us to fill the entire new screen surface. Clients will be able to utilise this space for additional content such as sponsor logos, live to screen video, & ultra widescreen slides, as well as Twitter feeds and live polls.


All these changes will add that extra touch of technological ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your lectures, conferences, ceremonies, and meetings to name a few. We are open for socially distanced show rounds if you wish to sample the aforementioned.

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