There are so many cliched phrases I could come up with to convey the prudence in planning ahead, but I’m sure you have Google at your disposal to find all the best ones! Here at One Great George Street, planning is kind of our thing! Our team are professional event planners with over 200 years of experience collectively, so we know a thing or two on the subject!

We know many have found it hard to plan ahead in these unpredictable times, but luckily we now have more clarity on when we will be able to open our doors offering our full spectrum of services again (October). We can think of so many reasons to plan ahead, but your time is precious, therefore here are the top three!:


  • It’s less stressful

  • You can save time

  • You can receive early booking discounts


On that note, maybe now is a good time to let you know we are currently offering a 30% discount on room hire, so planning ahead really can save you money.Enjoy!


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