Month: April 2019

Ever met a potential new client and then shared a dance floor with them hours later – doing the floss and a little bit of twist? Well at the BNC Forum that’s exactly what happened. I’m back from my maternity break and my first week at work ended with a knees up at the BNC Forum. Honestly I felt like I was with a bunch of old friends; we connected on a level that wasn’t the usual ‘corporate norm’. The BNC allows you to meet new clients whom you can form long-lasting friendly relations with and that’s something very unique. Would you believe me if I said we’re now in a Whatsapp group sharing book recommendations? Well, it’s true and I honestly think that could only happen with a rare few like those I was lucky to meet with last week at the Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa.

I’m delighted to announce that One Great George Street has partnered with Procure Wizard to provide even greater menu transparency for our clients. This software allows us to build on our existing close relationship with suppliers; ensuring that precise ingredient information is fed into a streamlined system and, in lieu of lengthy manual calculations, we are able to draw on accurate dietary information at the touch of a button.


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