I’m delighted to announce that One Great George Street has partnered with Procure Wizard to provide even greater menu transparency for our clients. This software allows us to build on our existing close relationship with suppliers; ensuring that precise ingredient information is fed into a streamlined system and, in lieu of lengthy manual calculations, we are able to draw on accurate dietary information at the touch of a button.

We are choosing this technology to proactively embrace innovation on behalf of our clients ahead of an expected industry-wide change, to build on our already close relationship with our suppliers, and to save time and money through a more efficient and streamlined process.

A white paper entitled ‘On High Alert: Allergens in the Foodservice and Hospitality Supply Chain’, warns of a global “allergy epidemic” and found that 80% of hospitality businesses say their customers are requesting more information about allergens in the supply chain. At One Great George Street we already provide allergen information on all of our menus such as our Catering Menu, and this system will allow us to further build on our information database and provide bespoke menu options for more niche dietary requirements.

According to The Sunday Times, the UK government also looks set to enforce restaurants and fast food outlets to show calories on their menus in a bid to tackle the growing obesity epidemic. By embracing Procure Wizard now, we will also be able to proactively work towards providing detailed nutritional information in the future.

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