I recently signed up to my second ever 20/20 speed networking event as a supplier and this time round; the event was held at the IET Savoy Place.

Let me start off by saying that I love what I do; meeting new people, helping planners and buyers, connecting with them and ultimately becoming a venue and service that they can trust to deliver a great event.

A large part of my role as a Business Development Manager is being ‘proactive’; sourcing new clients and generating revenue to help meet the planned annual budget. There are so many ways and techniques of sourcing new clients but one of the fun ways is by taking part in speed networking events.

Prestige Events have been around for several years now and their ‘themed’ networking events such as Christmas and Conferencing bring 20 qualified buyers and 20 suppliers together for a fun day of one-to-one appointments and networking over breakfast, lunch and a fun activity at the end of the day.

From the last 2 events I’ve attended; I’ve met buyers from the corporate, charity, association and venue finding sector, and received over £50K worth of provisional enquiries.
The beauty of this event is that I get to meet 20 new potential clients in the space of just a few hours which is basically one months worth of schmoozing done in one day!

These events are fast paced so my top-tip for making the most of this opportunity is to strike while the irons hot! Take loads of notes throughout the day and email your new contacts the following day to book in those site visits!

I’m looking forward to the four 20/20 networking events booked in for 2019.
If you are a buyer or supplier and want me more information, then visit their website and I hope to see you there!

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