So, you have begun planning your wedding and have come across the above question ‘What time should I book my ceremony?’ This all depends on what’s important to you. Below is an estimate timeline for a wedding day:

  • Civil Ceremony/Partnership (20mins)
  • Church (40mins – 1hr)
  • Reception and Photos (1hr 15mins)
  • Wedding Breakfast (2hrs)
  • Speeches (30mins)
  • Cutting of Cake (15mins)
  • Evening reception (between 2hr – 4hr)

I would recommend discussing with your partner what takes priority out of the above and plan your wedding timeline around that. A few things to consider are:

  • An early ceremony may result in your main meal taking place at lunch time. If you prefer having your main meal in the evening, then a later ceremony may work better with your chosen timelines. This will also reduce your food and beverage costs as you would only need to cater for one main meal instead of two
  • Depending on the time of year of course, an early ceremony may allow for extra time taking photos in natural daylight whereas a later ceremony may restrict the amount of photos you are able to take
  • Having an early ceremony will allow more time for your evening reception, while a later ceremony may only permit for a couple of hours dancing the night away after dinner

Having an early or late ceremony both have their pros and cons; the most important thing to keep in mind is that it fits in with what you have planned for your special day.


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