Most wedding celebrations end with a party to celebrate the union of two loved ones. One thing that a party cannot be without is music. Deciding what type of music to have to entertain your guests is a conversation worth having.

Bands and DJ’s do vary in price and can create different experiences at an event. On average, DJ’s do cost less and are known for reading the crowd and playing requests, whilst bands are known for playing to a crowd and bringing that element of theatre to the party.

Budget depending of course, some couples just can’t decide and end up having both, the DJ playing in between the bands sets. Other couples chose to have a band play earlier on in the day, during their drinks reception and a DJ for the evening reception, which is also a nice balance between the two.

Matching the music to your wedding theme is also a factor to consider,  for example if you were to have a barn themed wedding and are keen on having a Cheile, then a band and a caller is a must, if your theme is more on a festival vibe then a band or DJ would suffice.  I would suggest to keep in mind that DJ’s can be quite flexible with the choice of music they play as they have a vast repertoire available at their fingertips. Bands are more limited with the choice of music they have available but are able to be more original with each song, adapting the arrangement for example, creating a new experience of that favourite song of yours.

Whatever you  decide one thing is for certain, your guests will be ready and waiting to get on that dance floor!

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