I spend a lot of my spare time reading wedding blogs and scrolling through Pinterest to find out what’s hot over what’s not! Trends are forever changing and as a venue we try our best to keep up with them. These are a few trends that we have seen push their way to forefront of our 2018 weddings…

1) Dessert Tables

Single tier wedding cakes paired up with a selection of cakes, biscuits and desserts are proving to be very popular this year. This set-up not only looks fabulous but can also be quite cost effective, as a single tier wedding cake and sourcing individual mini sweet treats can be more reasonably priced than a three tier wedding cake. This option also allows guests to have plenty of choice, which is always a good thing when it comes to desserts and allows the couple to colour theme their selection with their chosen colour scheme.

2) Food Trucks – Evening Buffet Stations

This trend has been on the scene for a while now with the focus of food being more of an experience than a necessity at events. Food trucks are lively and interactive offering guests plenty of options to choose from and creating more of a relaxed informal feel to day. As One Great George Street does not have any outdoor space we have adapted the food truck revelation and designed food stations, that are also lively and interactive offering guests a choice, but are able to be placed inside our event spaces.

3) Hanging Arrangements

Hanging decorations have been the topic of many recent conversations amongst my couples. They are particularly interested in handing things from our beautiful Rotunda. In the past we have had polaroid picture, flowers, hot air balloons and foliage to name a few. I have seen on Pinterest that glass Jars with flowers in and foliage hoops are trending a lot, so hopefully these will make an appearance here soon!

4) Extravagant Entertainment

Couples spend a lot of time and money trying to ensure that their guests enjoy themselves at their wedding. We have had the pleasure of experiencing talented singers, acrobats, musicians and magicians who have been booked to bring the wow factor to a wedding. I am also noticing that it is important to some that they find entertainment that would be a new experience for their guests, something extraordinary, and I love this, as this means that I also get to experience something new. This year I have a couple who has booked a few old arcadia games to entertain their guests during the drinks reception and I can’t wait to find out which ones!

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