We are thrilled that One Great George Street’s very own Bayani has made the podium of the top three Kitchen Porters in London at the KP of the Year Awards! Bayani received a trophy, £250 prize and a commemorative apron to mark the occasion (above).

So what makes Bayani so special? In the August of 2008 we were lucky enough to have a brand new kitchen installed at One Great George Street and it is a testament to Bayani and his team that that after 9 years it still looks as good as new. Bayani achieves this with the care and attention he pays to all cleaning, by making sure that both back and front of house staff handle equipment with respect and most importantly by reporting any equipment maintenance issues before they become a problem.

Bayani uses a combination of humour, authority and respect to ensure that the job gets done to the best of everyone’s capabilities. In such a highly transient trade it would be easy to become cynical and dictatorial with the ever changing waiting staff, but somehow Bayani maintains his humour and treats everyone with the same respect whether they’ve been here 1 day or five years. No matter how much pressure he is under he never loses his cool and in catering treating people with respect is the key to everything.

Bayani is a smart, funny, hardworking team player who is our colleague, our friend and the heart of the kitchen. In three words: undefeatable, irreplaceable and unique.

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