The spooky season that precedes the Christmas madness is almost upon us, brought in by the October chill and darker evenings, yes, you guessed it – it’s Halloween! – and One Great George Street is getting ready to mark the occasion with some ghoulish goulash and mischief of our own. Chef Wilkie will be adding a few ghastly and gruesome touches to the weekly Café Bar menu and we’re bringing the decorators in for some fiendish and frightening dashes to make the place ‘de rigueur’ for the occasion. Stay tuned for more menu details as we approach the date and the excitement creeps in.

As tradition dictates, Chef Wilkie will once again grace us – or scare us, depending on your point of view – with another one of his pumpkin carved masterpieces which will go on display in the Café Bar.  Do come and join us for a spot of lunch or get into the ‘spirit’ of things with an after work drink.

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