Weddings are expensive! As I am sure you are finding out by now, if you are planning your special day.

Everything comes down to per head costs, the food package, the drinks package, the stationary and even the little things, like the table favours. So it’s safe to say that by having fewer guests… the overall wedding will cost less? This however is depressing to think about when you are planning a wedding as this means that there are restrictions. On the one hand all of your family and friends that you meet and see from setting the date, you want to invite, and on the other hand, you are trying to keep the cost down.

The simple answer for many is to invite evening guest; this however comes with its fair share of challenges. I have thought about this a lot, and have come up with a pros and cons list of inviting evening guests:



 You save money

You feel guilty

You are able to invite more guests

Guests don’t get to experience the whole day

You can have an intimate ceremony and Wedding Breakfast with just your close friends and family

Some guests may feel offended, excluded or a 2nd rated friend or family

Frees up money to spend on other things

The evening guest list can get out of hand – where do you stop?

Evening guests are able to make the most of their free time during their day

Day guests may be too inebriated to remember who attended what part of the day – not providing your evening guests with the best welcome

The Table Plan (seating arrangements) are easier to do


Logistics of getting to the venue can be time consuming and costly when evening guests are only spending a few hours at the wedding

You still get presents /cards …cheeky!


Can end up costing your evening guests the same amount of money to attend the evening reception as the day guests for attending the whole day

I hope my above list is helpful when making that all important decision of who to invite for when.

Happy Planning!!!

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