An old wise man once said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing year after year and expecting a different result”. That’s why we at One Great George Street like to shake things up a bit the minute we sense something isn’t working. The snap general election has thrown a spanner in the works for our industry with some government bookings re-scheduled or postponed. Instantly our Director Gary Payne called upon his sales and marketing sidekicks (me, Victoria & Katie as above from left to right) to find a creative way of appealing to our clients during this time.

One Eventful Week

Putting our skills and expertise to the test, we brainstormed, challenged and tested each other’s ideas until we come up with an awesome plan. Our new campaign ‘One Eventful Week’ is the result and is proving very popular due to the diverse offers up for grabs every day of the week which appeal to event planners who organise an array of distinct events on behalf of their clients. I guess in every organisation there’s always a dream team!

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