Throughout my years of sales experience (I won’t give numbers – that will show my age!), there’s definitely a few tricks of the trade that I have picked up, learnt and developed when wanting to achieve successful selling. Here’s my top 5:

  1. Before ranting on about what you have to sell… always, always ask what your client needs and wants. That way you can quickly establish if it’s even worth your valuable time or not, and if it is, give them the solution they’ve been looking for. Do you know what business you want and what you need to walk away from? Plan in advance your ‘wish, want, walk’ strategy.
  2. Be prepared to present. If you don’t present yourself to impress, and this takes some preparation in many forms, then you simply won’t win over your client or their business! So take some time in preparing yourself, physically and mentally. Look good, feel good, turn up on time – this one sounds simple but if you’re a regular user of the London Underground you will be aware of how epic your journeys can be, so check and leave with plenty of time for delays! Take a notebook (somebody who doesn’t turn up with a notebook either has a great memory or doesn’t care, but don’t leave your client guessing which one you are) and cover your bases by following up via email. Bring other aids (such as IPads) to help you get your message across in the meeting as this also shows a level of preparation and professionalism.
  3. Know your audience. People buy people. It’s not always important to wear a suit or have all the answers straight away so long as you do a bit of research on your client and address them appropriately. Are they younger or older folk? What do you think will impress them? Especially the next generation… they get younger, hipper and funkier by the day! I’ve even sent my clients discount codes for shops I know they like to shop at!
  4. There’s persistence and then there’s determination. Don’t be a bug-a-boo, but don’t give up either. Selling can be draining but someone’s got to do it! A potential client may not have the problem to your solution immediately but keeping in touch and gaining some form of commitment whether it’s a follow up call or confirming an actual appointment will pay off at some point down the road. If they like you, they will want to help you sooner or later.
  5. Keep up with changing times. Gone are the days where things were black and white. Nowadays you have to constantly think outside the box, be more creative, more innovative and strive to be leader of the pack. It’s not easy but keep your ears to the ground and research, read and discuss. Embrace change and don’t be scared to try something different!

I could go on and on about the top key sales tactics however I don’t have the time and my Director at One Great George Street will shoot me if I don’t get back to selling!

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