If I were planning my wedding I would need to know if a venue could ensure 3 things before I would consider booking my wedding with them:

1) A professional, skillful and friendly team. I would need to know that the team of people I am entrusting my dream with, are not only capable but care about executing my wishes and fulfilling my expectations. I would need to know this because on my wedding day I would like it to run seamlessly without a glitch by a team who really enjoy what they do which reflects on the services and products that they provide to me and my guests.

2) I would like to get married in beautiful, ornate surroundings that are hard to forget. A place where at a closer glance is even more beautiful. A venue that you can tell has been well looked after and loved, not run down and worn. A venue that is stunning inside and out.

3) I would have to know that they served outstanding food, full of flare and flavour. I love good food and would except nothing less on my wedding day. I would need an extensive menu for me to choose from and flexibility if I wanted to adapt it to make it more personal to me and my partner. A menu that brought back wonderful memories of me, my husband in beautiful surroundings eating wonderful food.

It’s simple why you should choose One Great George Street, because in my eyes they have all of the above. A team of people who want to deliver the wedding of your dreams, a venue that has the WOW factor and food that is remembered for all of the right reasons. My question would be why wouldn’t you choose one Great George Street!


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