aim_gold_logoEvery three years One Great George Street undertakes an external accreditation to (hopefully) continue to remain a member of the small but growing group of venues and hotels that are gold members of the MIA’s Accredited in Meetings scheme (AIM).

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OGGS Night Shoot 2012
The first time we went through the process was well over 7 years ago and, even though it is now the third time we have been assessed, there is a great deal of work involved in ensuring we have the necessary evidence to give the assessor on the day. So is it worth all of the hard work? In a word, yes!

We are all constantly busy with our “day jobs” and sometimes find it difficult to take a step back and review what we do; the processes we follow to ensure customer service delivery, legal compliance and due diligence amongst others. Accreditation schemes ensure that you review all of your procedures and processes, thus keeping them up-to-date and relevant to the business.

For example, one of the checks undertaken is to review a booking from the initial enquiry through to the event itself and the feedback received post event. A detailed examination of this allows us to improve what we do from a customer perspective. A particular query we have received on our terms and conditions over the past 18 months has resulted in us undertaking a review of our T&C’s to ensure they are current and satisfy the needs of new customers as well as our extensive list of repeat clients.

The other key benefit of inviting an external assessor in to review our procedures is to add value to what we do and enhance the service we offer. Four years ago we identified that we were not utilising the creativity of our key asset, namely our staff. Thus our “ideas of the month scheme” was created and, since then, over 40 ideas have been implemented that have improved what we offer to customers.

I am pleased to say that we have just received our report and score from the most recent assessment and we achieved our highest percentage ever! However, there is always room for improvement. For example, our assessor challenged us to go well beyond the statutory information we provide in terms of the drinks we sell. So we now give Alcohol by volume (ABV) on the menu for all drinks. As the assessor put it…”we should be providing as much information as possible to allow our customers to make a more informed choice.”

So another assessment is over – but that’s not so say we will rest on our laurels. One of the joys of working with the team here is that, every day, we continue to strive for even better customer service!

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