Wedding Dress - Entrance - One Great George Street

One of my favourite moments during the wedding day is seeing the bride arrive in her wedding dress. Each bride’s dress, hair and make-up combination is unique, and I love to see the completed look on the day.

I have worked at a few wedding venues throughout my career and have noticed that more often than not the bride’s wedding dress reflects the style of venue chosen.

Wedding Dress at Stairs One Great George Street

Most brides dream about their wedding day; the unforgettable moment when their partner sees them for the first time walking down the aisle, complete with their flower bouquet, favourite love song playing in the back ground and wearing…THE dress.

Wedding Dress at aisle - One Great George Street

As the venue is one of the first things that gets booked, I believe when a bride picks out her perfect wedding dress she subconsciously visualises herself wearing it within the chosen venue, replaying in her mind the moment she takes to the aisle.

Wedding Dress - Romeo & Juliet Balcony - One Great George Street

I constantly see my brides in elegant, graceful and beautiful wedding dresses which, in my opinion, is exactly how I would describe One Great George Street.


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