Starter - Pan-fried Seabass Nicoise 4Being a food lover myself, apart from witnessing loved ones getting married; food is what I look forward to most when attending a wedding. To help insure your guests are not left disappointed, I have put together a few helpful tips in selecting your perfect wedding menu:

  1. Don’t focus too much on selecting a menu that is overly complicated. Try to keep in mind that you are trying to satisfy the masses, which may include different cultures, age groups and dietary requirements.
  1. When at your menu tasting try not to forget the time of year your wedding is actually taking place. If you have booked your tasting during the summer months and have selected to try a fresh chicken pesto salad for your main course, ask yourself, will this go down quite so well with your guests during the colder month of December?
  1. Yes, I agree that little spots of balsamic with a dot of tapenade carefully placed on top and crisscrossed sun-dried tomatoes positioned decoratively around the plate looks lovely, but please don’t forget that the longer it takes to plate up your meals, the longer your guests are left waiting.
  1. I am a strong believer that the smellier the cheese the better it will taste. I doubt, however, that this is true for everyone, but what is true is that a strong food smell lingers, especially when there is no ventilation. As much as I would love to serve a pear and Stilton salad followed by a smoked haddock risotto, I am not sure the scent of the flowers would be able to mask this powerful concoction of cheese and fish, nor that your evening guests will appreciate it much when they arrive later on in the day.
  1. It also goes without saying that although, like me, you may like spicy foods, be careful of adding too much spice – blowing your guests’ heads off is not easily forgotten. This can also numb taste buds leaving guests unable to taste the other delicious ingredients that makes up the dish.
  1. Last but by far the least; try to think about all of the courses when designing your menu. A heavy starter like creamy tomato and spinach gnocchi, a main of braised lamb shank and vegetable mash followed by hearty chocolate fudge cake might leave your guests feeling slightly lethargic and off the oooh so important dance floor. You need to end up with a nice balanced menu that leaves your guests full but not overloaded.

Keeping all of the above in mind, don’t forget that it is your special day after all, so remember to pick something which you both love too.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of the dishes from our own kitchen at One Great George Street below and browse our extensive in-house Catering Menu. We also have a forthcoming Wedding Showcase on Tuesday 27th September where you can enjoy some of our own nibbles while exploring our rooms in person – register for free attendance.

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