photoIt was great to catch up with Charles Somers of Charles Somers Locations recently.

Check out the first Wonder Woman Featurette below and read on to join our conversation about his choice of our venue for this hotly anticipated film which will be aired in Summer 2017.



Gal Gadot Wonder WomanWhy was One Great George Street (OGGS) chosen as a filming venue for Wonder Woman?
We looked a number of locations around London for the set of the interior War Office for Wonder Woman. OGGS gave us the perfect mix of architecture which closely resembles photographs of the real location from that period. The stone staircases and wood panel rooms have a very special quality and there is certainly enough space to host a large film crew of our size (400+ cast and crew).

WEDDING PICTURESWhat aspects of the venue stood it apart from other filming options?
The quality of the architecture combined with the proportions of the rooms gives OGGS the unique position of being one of the best locations in London for the type of scene we were filming. The building works on so many levels, not just from a creative point of view but also from a logistical standpoint. We were able to accommodate all the other departments inside the location, such as background artists costume, make-up and wardrobe, as well as the crew and crowd dining areas, which helps make the day run very smoothly for the location department.

What were our staff like to work with?
The staff at OGGS were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, from initial scouting and art department measure-ups to finding dates that would work for our timescales. Nothing was too much trouble and we felt incredibly welcomed.

Would you recommend OGGS as a filming location?
I would certainly recommend OGGS as a filming location and look forward to returning on my next project.

As a historic venue we have seen a marked increase in filming bookings in 2015 and expect to see this trend continue. Is this an industry-wide trend?
The UK tax incentive, combined with easy access to top rate crews and facilities, in conjunction with favourable exchange rates, make it highly likely that the trend for major US features to film in the UK will continue throughout 2016 and beyond.


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