WorkshopMeet Lucia Munoz-Barrena – my new Fine Art Restorer based onsite at our historic, Grade II listed venue, One Great George Street.

Lucia hails from Madrid, and comes equipped with a Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural and Artistic Heritage.

Her theoretical knowledge is supplemented by ample hands-on experience, including work for the Simon Gillespie Studio,  Álava Archaeological Museum, Fournier Museum of Cards, Fleta Theatre and the Pignatelli Building.

One Great George Street - Painting
Spot the half cleaned forehead – what a difference!

Just a week into her new role, and Lucia has already begun work on repairing a damaged painting which was recently torn. The painting features Lord Kelvin (1824-1907) – an engineer and physicist who was instrumental in the success of the electric telegraph. He was knighted for his work on the transatlantic cable in 1866 and was uniquely asked to serve three terms as President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (originally known as the Society of Telegraph Engineers and Electricians).

Lucia’s restoration work is very intricate. To begin with she moistened the painting and used controlled weights to guide the distorted canvas back into shape. She then applied a handmade patch of linen behind the torn surface and used specialist glue to consolidate the flaking areas of the paint layer before applying new filler paint. Finally she cleans the superficial dust, dirt and grime off the surface. The end result will be a brighter painting with no signs of damage.

We warmly welcome Lucia to our team at One Great George Street and look forward to her successfully preserving our rich collection of historic artifacts.

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