Is it me or does it feel like Christmas happened about 6 months ago? In truth I have only been back at work for a few weeks and all I have to remind me of the festive season is an extra spare tyre round my middle and a very, very light wallet. I will say, however, that the 2016 Christmas Brasserie One and banqueting menus have already been written and should be available soon for any of you wanting to make a disgustingly early booking.

Like me, many people will be carrying around a bit of extra timber at the moment and January has always been the time when the ghost of Christmas just past is enough to make us half-halfheartedly adhere to those equally half-hearted New Year’s resolutions about trying to eat more healthily.

That’s the way it goes isn’t it; January self-loathing followed by 11 months denial?
Well I’m very pleased to say that many of our customers have a far more enlightened and modern attitude to food and this has been reflected on the new One Great George Street banqueting menus. Gone are the days when organisers would just saturate their delegates in sugary snacks. I don’t know about you but after the crash following a sugar hit I just want to snooze.

In the place of sugar we now find that customers prefer to order healthier and more sustainable energy options such as wholegrains, berries, seeds, salads, nuts and oily fish.
On our breakfast menus at the moment we have delicious Pineapple bran superfood muffins or for the caveman (or cave lady!) in you try our grain free Paleo muffins. Also, back by popular request are our Goji and cranberry Bircher muesli with Greek yoghurt, blueberries and hemp seeds.

Fish has always had a good wrap in the cerebral hall of fame and our ‘Fish lovers’ platter is no exception especially with its inclusion of Mackerel and pickled herrings, those highly recommended oily fish.

Mixtures of seeds, nuts and fruit are also now popular in various guises. Instead of a bowl of nuts and crisps at a function why not try out our ‘Mulberry mix.’ This is one of my favourites and it’s impossible to stop eating it. It’s a mixture of dried mulberries, coated chickpeas, apricots and pumpkin seeds. And if you’re having a business meeting rather that a drinks reception why not have some of our seed shots on the table. There are 3 different types of individually wrapped mixes and they are a fantastic alternative to traditional cookies or biscuits.

There are of course many healthy salads available including brown rice salad and Adzuki bean salads, but there is one dish I would like to draw your attention to before I go.
It’s the grilled sweet chilli and ginger marinated Tofu with a super salad of red quinoa, freekah and chickpeas.

Now before you call me a liar, I know what you’re going to say about Tofu. I too believe it to be the work of the devil but try this dish and it might even convert you. The grains are cooked together with various spices and herbs in the style of pilaff rice through the oven and then dished up onto the service platter. The Tofu is cut into one inch pieces, marinated, roasted and served on top of the grain pilaff. Sprinkle with a few chopped herbs and bob’s your uncle. Great dish. Don’t take my word for it, order it and see.

As ever there is lots of choice on the menu but if there is something that you would really like that you don’t see, please speak to one of the team and hopefully we will be able to accommodate your wishes.


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