308464_10150288637803357_595833356_7695532_7588262_nWhere it all began…”The Proposal”.  Who asked who, did she get down on one knee? Did he sweep you off your feet, were you whisked away to Paris or were you woken up with a passionate kiss. However they popped the question if your reading this, the likelihood is is that you said yes and your about to plan a wedding.

I often ask my couples who popped the question and how. I am a hopeless romantic so my favourite proposals often change as soon as I hear a new one but currently as it stands this is my proposal of the moment;

il_340x270.264239384Matt popped the question to Claire over a game of scrabble, a game that they often played. He cheated so at the end of the game he was able to hand back her bag of scrabble pieces with 5 letters left in it. While she was looking down at a hand full of single letters of E, N, S, Y, &  O he spelt out on the board “Marry Me”. As she looked up at his excited but slightly nervous face she noticed the proposal on the table. After a few minutes of kisses and teas, she spelt out on the board with the letters she had left….. “YES”.

I heard this story and my heart just melted. It is so enjoyable to hear a couple tell me how they got engaged, to see the memories flood back and the looks of love exchanged between the two. If you have a proposal story that you wish to share with us please do send them in the below comment box.

I am getting ready for the busy enquiry period which happens to be in the spring.  A romantic time of year following on from the “Christmas” & “Valentine’s day” proposals. I look forward to showing couples around One Great George Street and exploring their ideas on how they can get the most out of this stunning venue with what they have in mind. At the beginning of planning a wedding the possibilities are endless. Especially when you are working with a flexible venue that is willing to do their best in creating the vision you both have in mind for your day.

The extraordinary has already happened, you found each other, fell in love and are now getting married.

Happy Planning!


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