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Audio Visuals at One Great George Street

Choosing the right Audio Visuals for your next event requires some serious consideration. Whether you’re planning one small meeting, a gala dinner or several large conferences throughout a year, choosing the right AV is the key to a stress free and smooth running event as my colleague and One Great George Street’s Event Coordinator Tracey Sheehan reveals…

For some event planners thinking about AV is like a bad dream. Perhaps this is because they feel intimidated by all the technological jargon being thrown around or simply because the cost of it is enough to bring on a mild heart attack – whatever the reason there is no denying that you need the right AV to make your event a success.

A question we get asked quite regularly is: ‘Is it really necessary to hire a technician to have on hand during the day?’ The answer to that depends on what is important to the client. For most it’s as little stress as possible and sadly for those who choose not to take our advice, the reduction in cost can also mean a serious headache when AV does not perform like it should. Good speakers are important and need to be taken care of accordingly, especially if you want to use them again. So when they turn up with 5 minutes to spare and their presentation in the wrong format we need to act quickly to make them comfortable and also to keep the event on track. This is where an AV technician would step in to save the day and alleviate a lot of stress from a planner who is already up to their eyes dealing with the much dreaded ‘I’ve brought 5 extra guests who are not registered but you can make space for them right??!!’


Sometimes we have the case of speakers to whom content is key but unfortunately time keeping is not. For this we have traffic light systems which change from green to amber to red to signal to a speaker that their allotted time is coming to a close. This helps greatly in keeping an event on track. To a speaker an extra 10 minutes might not seem like a big deal but to an event planner who has spent the last 6 months narrowing down a schedule that is almost military this can be an unnecessary glitch! Not forgetting the fact that later speakers may be on tight schedules and need to get away on time.

‘To light or not to light’ – that is the question which is becoming increasingly popular amongst our clients. Lighting can seem like an unnecessary addition to ever spiraling costs and the temptation to cut it out may be quite appealing however once the client is shown digital images it helps them to visualize the end product, and this then becomes a much more desirable part of the set up.  We have some spectacular spaces at One Great George Street all very beautiful in their own right but add a little bit of the right lighting and suddenly you’re in a Winter Wonderland or a very corporate looking awards ceremony where the lighting is matched to the company colours. It’s these little touches that delegates will remember and which can contribute to the overall success of an event.

The subject of lighting leads me quite naturally to the subject of stage sets. A little bit of extra money can go a long way in turning a couple of pieces of standard staging into a very professional looking outfit.

A stage set can be as plain or as jazzed up as required and can be used for a number of reasons. Some examples might include having the company logo incorporated into it or could indeed be a little bit of additional exposure to the much needed and valued sponsors of an event. The range of available options is vast and each set can be tailored to the needs of the individual company/client.

OGGS Led Lighting June 2011
Great Hall, One Great George Street

In short AV might seem like a minefield of ‘very confusing’ information but with the right guidance from a person interested in providing a product which is in sync with your vision this can make a world of difference to a well-executed event.

If you would like to have a chat about the possibilities available to you please contact our on-site AV Manager, Phil Clarke on audiov@onegreatgeorgestreet.com

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