VenueWeddings are a wonderful occasion; celebrating two loved ones declaring their love to one another, but sometimes they can be a challenge for couples to organise.

With the help of a few of our trusted suppliers I have put together some useful tips to help ensure a stress free wedding day.

The lead up to your wedding is filled with lots of decision making and often is very much in your control. However when it comes to the day itself, all of your planning and hard work is then handed over to a 3rd party to implement on your wedding day. Trust then becomes a big factor in being able to do this, for after all you have spent a lot of time and, dare I say it, money on designing the wedding of your choice.

Our Toastmaster, David Collins
Our Toastmaster, David Collins


You build this trust during the planning process with either your Event Coordinator, Wedding Planner, Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies.

These positions are designed to assist you during your wedding day and guide you through the coordination process.

We are lucky at One Great George Street to not only have a Venue Wedding Planner (me!) to help with the planning and logistics of your wedding, but we also have a very experienced Toastmaster included in our Wedding Packages.

Top Tip from our In-house Toastmaster, David Collins 
Quite simply put your complete trust in the best Professional Hands possible and that is of course One Great George Street, who over the years have secured the enviable position of not only the finest venue, but the highest of standards in Catering and Service. Surrounded by expert suppliers they are able to offer a bespoke Wedding to suit your needs and desires.

Although the above tip from our very well respected Toastmaster David Collins may be slightly biased towards One Great George Street, there is of course truth in what he states. Having a knowledgeable and professional team that are able to implement your exact requirements on your day gives you that peace of mind needed to allow you to enjoy every aspect of the day as it unravels without worrying if things are going to plan.

My Top Tip 
Before the big day arrives air out any concerns that you might have or finer details you would like to go over again with the person who is coordinating your wedding on the day. This should help stop any doubts creeping into your mind on the wedding day itself.

Flowers by TBR Floral Design
Flowers by TBR Floral Design


There are lots of different suppliers that come together to create the overall look and feel of your wedding.

One such supplier that has a lot of influence in this area is your florist.

We happen to work with a fantastic florist who not only reflects our own level of service but produces breathtaking floral displays.

Top Tip from Toby B Roberts, TBR Floral Designs
When planning your wedding flowers, do research on floral designers and find a florist that you feel a connection with by looking at their displays and build a relationship with them. You want to feel trusted and in good hands, that they see your vision and theme and understand the type of personalities you both have. It’s always a plus when a venue recommends you; as you are half way there with the trust.

Peggy Porshen Cake at One Great George Street
Peggy Porshen Cake at One Great George Street

Another element that you trust in to be set up and ready on the day is your wedding cake.

Traditionally wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to couples. I can’t confirm whether or not this is true; what I can tell you is that the cake is usually the centerpiece of the room, cut after the wedding breakfast and served either after the meal, as part of the evening buffet or for breakfast the following day. It’s been hundreds of years after the first wedding cake appeared on the scene yet wedding cakes are still an important component of a wedding day.

Peggy Porshen happens to be a leader in her field when it comes to producing the most exquisite wedding cakes in the land, and we are lucky enough to have her as one of our recommended suppliers. This is Peggy’s Top Tip:

Top Tip from our Wedding Cake Expert, Peggy Porshen
With regards to the cake my advice would be; that if budget allows, to opt for personal delivery and set-up by the cake maker. This will give the bride and groom the peace of mind that the cake will arrive safely and has been set up properly. On site, a responsible person, such as a wedding planner, should receive the cake and take charge of it from then on. Ask the cake maker to provide a detailed delivery and storage instructions and to hand them over to the person in charge at the venue.

Capturing everything on film is a great way for couples to relive their special day. One of our recommended photographers, Steve Shipman, manages to capture every element of the wedding in a way that makes you feel that you were there even if you weren’t. He has a talent in bringing photographs to life.

Photo at One Great George Street by Steve Shipman
Photo at One Great George Street by Steve Shipman

Top Tip from our Photographer, Steve Shipman
Build up a good relationship with your suppliers and visit the venue with your photographer even if they know the place already. Get to know them and understand exactly what they can do for you, as well as what they can’t. Manage your own expectations – even if the wedding cake doesn’t turn up, you’ll still marry the person you love, surrounded by the people who mean the most to you in the whole world. Be realistic – we are only human, and we want to do our best for you.

I hope that the above will help ensure a stress free wedding day and that all that is left to worry about on the day itself is trying to take in every amazing moment as it happens. To summarise the above; don’t forget these top tips:

  1. Choose a venue that gives you the support you need during the planning process
  2. If you can afford to, splash out on a Toastmaster to help with on-the-day coordination and a Cake Specialist to come to your venue and set up the cake
  3. Do the research required before choosing your flowers
  4. Get to know your suppliers and trust in them to deliver your expectations
  5. If something doesn’t quite go to plan remind yourself of the main reason why you are getting married and hopefully that little mishap won’t seem so important allowing you to enjoy your day


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