As audio visual sales continue to represent a larger and growing amount of our overall revenue, I thought it was worth a review of trends with Eclipse-Presentation’s Phil Clark, our on-site Audio Visual Manager at One Great George Street.

We have proven increasingly successful in gaining AV projects, in particular for larger events where clients want stage sets, lighting, high quality sound and technical support and this has been one of the main reasons contributing to revenue growth. We have recently won a piece of business from Spain. By using Spanish speaking staff both at the venue and our on-site AV contractor, we carried out a site visit with them and did all communication in Spanish resulting in them choosing  us rather than bringing all the AV kit and technicians from Spain.

Last year we up-graded the projector in our main lecture theatre to HD. At the time we had few requests for HD and the vast majority of presentations being brought in then were in conventional format. This has changed somewhat and use of HD has grown substantially so delegates are now benefiting from our investment by seeing visuals with superior clarity. This summer we are upgrading to HD in our smaller theatre, the Godfrey Mitchell (featured below)

We are also seeing fewer laptops as IPads and tablets become the devices of choice with their portability and versatility. Use of Prezzi instead of PowerPoint is becoming more common with its slicker animations and higher production values although interestingly, some people have complained of motion sickness!

The quality and versatility of digital sound is proving popular, especially for specific events where sound relay is improved rather than playback through analogue. For example we have some musicians playing at a forthcoming event for which this will work perfectly.

Being a Grade II listed building, when asked to decorate or theme rooms and areas, the building lends itself especially well to lighting.

We use a range of LED lights including battery powered units which can be set up really quickly and these have proved increasingly popular in making our already glamorous rooms even more spectacular for evening events.

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