One Great George Street’s Great Gatsby-esk Wedding Showcase is only a couple of days away now, and here in the kitchen we are turning our attention to the 1930’s wedding canapés to be served in keeping with the theme. For this event we have designed some bespoke canapés to capture the essence of the era, and our team is excited about creating something that is old but at the same time new to them.  We researched what food might have been available back in those pre-war years, and I drew some inspiration from my time at The Savoy back in the mid 1980’s that was nothing if not traditional.

Food nostalgia certainly seems to be alive and well today. You only have to look at the popularity of the current BBC series ‘Back in time for dinner’. In this program a family re-lives a past era’s cuisine each episode, with the help of a newly refurbished kitchen and decade-relevant food!

We make sure we have dishes on our banqueting menus to reflect this demand for ‘tried and trusted favourites’ alongside our more modern and innovative offerings.  Who doesn’t love smoked haddock soufflé, shank of lamb or chocolate bread and butter pudding?  Our customers obviously do because they are still three of our most popular dishes!

On Thursday morning before the showcase I will be carving a couple of water melons for display in the evening fusing an element of modern-day fun with the traditional 1930’s theme.

We have in the past produced some carved melons for couples on request, but this will be the first time that we will be displaying them at one of our showcases.  They make a wonderful decorative addition to an evening buffet table display and can be personalized to your specifications.  At a Persian wedding recently we wrote the bride and groom’s names in English on one melon and in Arabic on the other (see below).

On Thursday morning I’ll tweet some pictures of my progress and if you have signed up to attend will see you at the wedding showcase itself on 16th April where I’ll be available to answer any of your melon (or general food) queries!

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