You may remember from reading our winter newsletter back in January that we upgraded our projector in the Telford Theatre.  The new one is the very best money can buy, top of the range HD Panasonic Projector (PT-DX13k).  The HD means high definition, which means…

….a higher resolution picture with more pixels which displays a sharper image.

Telford Theatre 

We are always looking at ways of improving and enhancing our products and services for our clients; and the procurement of this equipment was largely responding to an increasing demand for HD presentations.  We have had some fantastic feedback from clients using the room about the projector and in particular its brightness.

What this projector can do:
Emit a sharper image which results in better picture quality
Present slides in 4:3 or 16:9 ratio enabling a wide screen image
With the aid of a switcher it will allow multi-input simultaneous display capabilities enabling seamless screen changes and multiple screen viewing

Need something visual to help on the last bullet point?  Good news – our Audio visual guys at Eclipse Presentations have been playing so you can see what we mean:

The video illustrates this by putting a twitter feed on the screen.  Twitter and the use of a bespoke hashtag for your event can be a fantastic tool to promote events, not only before and after but also during the event.  This offers the opportunity for the audience in-house and externally to engage with your presentation in real time.

The clarity of the brightness of the new projector is still maintained even with low definition or standard presentations, which is very significant as many of our clients are still using these versions.  However when using HD presentations the contrast between the two is striking.  HD videos and photographs especially look extremely sharp, with a level of detail and distinctness not possible until now.

Philip Clark, our AV Manager is very excited about the new projector. Having worked in conference venues for 12 years, this is the first time a high definition projector has been installed in a theatre where he has worked. Phil says “I’m looking forward to seeing HD content our clients produce for their events to really show off the capabilities of the new equipment”.

The new HD projector is a permanent fixture in our largest theatre and is included in all Telford Theatre room and package hire prices.  The additional switcher and laptop required to perform the multi-input simultaneous display capabilities is available for a very reasonable £300 (plus VAT).

If you would like to find out more about our new technology please contact us now.

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