Most of us will know that Caipirinha is a nice cocktail although perhaps not its origins. What do these things have in common you wonder? Well, if you are Brazilian you will know that they all come from your home country.
On 11 June, the Brazilian Permanent Representation to the International Maritime Organisation, which is based just over Westminster Bridge on the south side of the River Thames held a lunchtime reception to celebrate the 148th anniversary of the Riachuelo Naval Battle and Brazilian Navy Day and which included Awards of the Order of Naval Merit Medals.
The Great Hall presentation with the Brazilian Navy
Presentation in the Great Hall
Having attended previously receptions here given by the Chilean Navy, the organisers saw our stately Great Hall as the ideal location and venue for this very important occasion.
Guests included naval attachés from many countries as well as representatives from the Royal Navy and other diplomatic representatives. Those in active service came in full ceremonial uniform which made the cloakroom an interesting sight with all the caps carefully laid out.
Brazilian Navy Caps
Brazilian Navy Caps 
In all, there were 300 guests, first assembled in allocated spaces for the award of the medals. Guests were greeted at the door by Admiral Mendonca, the Brazilian Navy’s most senior representative in the UK while the medals were given by His Excellency the Brazilian Ambassador. Special messages from the President and the Head of the Navy were given in writing to guests in a commemorative handout.
After the formal proceedings ended, guests were offered Caipirinhas, red and white wines, soft drinks and Guaraná, a very popular soft drink available all over Brazil and also now here where it is available in some Waitrose stores.
Great Hall at OGGSVenue the Brazilian Naval reception
 The Brazilian Naval reception in the Great Hall
A selection of canapés including the Pastels, a very light pastry plus a selection of bowl food, one of which was Bobo de Camarao.
Bodo de Camaro at OGGSVenuePastels at OGGSVenue
The organisers held a tasting with us to see how good we were at making these 2 food items and give or take a few minor adjustments they said we did very well and on the day they turned out perfectly. Similarly they tested our cocktail making skills and were impressed with our Caipirinha mix.

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