Happy New Year to all my blog readers and sorry that it’s been a while since my last blog post. I have just returned from a 3.5 week extended festive break having spent the entire duration in southern Spain. The temperatures on the coast were hitting record levels of up to 23 degrees on a daily basis!

Superfast Wi-Fi has been keeping me busy in recent weeks. While everyone’s pondering whether there will be a ‘post-Olympics meetings business crash’ I’ve been up to my ears in fibre, cable, internet capacity and load-bearing capabilities. Gripping stuff!
As part of my remit, overseeing all things audio-visual I’ve been making arrangements for our new super-fast Wi-Fi.

All this, at our busiest time of year, while making sure our clients get the usual welcoming, personal and attentive service they deserve and are accustomed to at OGGS Venue .

It’s been keeping me madly busy and reeling off some heavy-duty blog post about our new superfast Wi-Fi is the last thing I need.

So in the interests of speed and simplicity (a bit like our new Wi-Fi) I’ve decided to offer you a series of answers to questions our Sales and Events team have raised.

So here goes:

Question: What’s new?
Answer: On Monday, December 3rd, 2012, we went ‘live’ with a new Wi-Fi system.

Q: So what’s so great?
A: We have a totally new infrastructure using the most modern equipment with much improved capability and flexibility.

Q: So what does that mean?
A: As well as offering standard Wi-Fi access  as before, albeit at greatly improved speeds we will now be able to offer other specific services such as dedicated bandwidths and static IP addresses at very competitive prices.

Q: So how has it all come about?
A: etherLive were contracted to provide the connectivity for the 8,000 accredited journalists from around the world while we hosted the London Media Centre during the Olympics.
That in itself speaks volumes.
During, before and after the London Media Centre period, we got to know the team from etherLive well and that gave us every confidence that they were best placed for this job. Having installed all the cabling for the London Media Centre and having had to find the cable to do it, we also knew that they knew the building behind the scenes very well.

Q: So is any of this new Wi-Fi helped by our London Media Centre Olympics legacy?
A: Oh yes. As the fibre optic cabling had already been installed in the building, the install overall was already well advanced and we then added to it to increase coverage to the whole of the site rather than just our conference and banqueting rooms. The Fibre also has a load bearing of up to 1GB.
Q: So does this mean everyone who uses OGGS Wi-Fi will have to pay for all this?
A: Absolutely not. Our shared Wi-Fi network remains free of charge to all – don’t worry!  And our on-site Audio-visual team will be on hand to support with any Wi-Fi-related requirements.

Q: Which types of events will benefit most?
A: Absolutely everyone who comes to OGGS.
Whether it’s just one client visiting our Brasserie One lunchtime restaurant or cafe bar on their own, to a big group at a conference, everyone will reap the rewards of our speed and reliability.
It takes our video streaming capability to a whole new level, and naturally large conferences wanting to use Wi-Fi simultaneously (as well as training course providers) will be suitably impressed.
It also helps that we will now be able to divert bandwidth from one room or area to another to cope with any unexpected demand or to concentrate extra bandwidth into an area in advance that we know will require it.
That’s it. Any other questions, you know where to find me .

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