With all the planning that has gone into deliveries, road closures and making sure my chefs can get to work, the actual details of what we are going to cook has been put, if you will excuse the pun, on the back burner.
With the opening ceremony being on a Friday (27th July) together with our involvement in the Olympic food pledge, it seems only natural to be cooking with fish on that day.
Chef's Sustainable Fish Recipe I have had to dip my toe into the murky waters and shifting sands of fish sustainability.  Buying sustainable fish is something that takes some time and effort. It is not quite as black and white as people believe, and it’s a good idea to talk to your suppliers and keep an eye on official websites.
So, having checked the availability of Coley and organic Salmon, for the opening ceremony we are making ‘Scrumpy cider, leek, Salmon and Coley casserole with Yukon Gold potato crust’.
Here is the recipe:

• Thoroughly wash your potatoes and boil them whole with the skin on until they are about ¾ cooked, then remove them from the heat.
• Prepare your fish by removing all the bones and if you prefer, the skin. Cut into approx 3cm dice but don’t discard any off cuts as they can go into the mix as well.
• In a hot pan with a little oil and butter, seal the fish but don’t cook it all the way through.  Remove from the pan into an oven proof dish.
• In the same pan add a little more butter and cook some roughly cut English leeks and chopped onion until they begin to soften then add to the fish.
• Still using the fish and leek pan, put it back on the heat and pour in a good glug of cider and boil it rapidly until it has reduced by half. 
• Add enough organic double cream to be able to cover the fish and bring it to the boil.  Season it with salt, pepper and cayenne then pour it over the fish.  Mix in some fresh chopped herb to your taste.
• Take your potatoes and slice them whole in approx 1cm slices.  (Don’t worry if the slices break or crumble). Cover the fish with the potato slices and brush with melted butter before putting into an oven at approx 180°C until the potatoes have turned golden brown.

This really is a quick, tasty and easy dish to make and can be adapted to your personal taste.  I like lots of leeks in mine, a squeeze of lemon juice and possibly the addition of some wild mushrooms?  It can be served either on its own, with some additional vegetables or even a side salad.

You have 100 days to plan your own menu for that day.  Make it a great fish one, sustainable of course!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page as I’ll aim to post some videos and photos in the run up to the big day.

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