I can’t quite explain it but there is something about the nights drawing in that conjures up thoughts of the beginning of the party season. It could have been the wonderful display of pumpkins that our resident florist Mathew Dickinson had put together in the foyer that greeted me when I arrived for work one day earlier this week.

Hallowe’en is always a good excuse for a party and with the clocks changing this weekend we start to head down to that greatest party time of all…. the month of December and the run up to Christmas.

I suppose Hallowe’en has become a bigger thing in our lives over recent years with this ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’, ‘trick or treat’ import from America. I usually end up getting home too late to have to take part in the receiving end of it though. One of Chef’s many talents is vegetable carving. This is the pumpkin he carved for our Cafe Bar for Hallowe’en 2010.

This year however, he is taking his skills to a whole new level. A whopping 215lb pumpkin came delivered on its own pallet yesterday and needed more than just one strong man to move it about.

Here is the Viking boat he has been working on today which will be completed with sail and ghoul face on Monday. I think you will agree that it is a true masterpiece in the making.

It has a rather bleak and cold outlook for the weekend though. To preserve it before it goes on display for the client event in our magnificent Great Hall on Monday, it is going to be hosed down to keep it moist and wrapped in giant cling film before it sails to the cold beer storage room.
Whatever you plan to do this Hallowe’en weekend, have a good time. So I guess that here at One Great George Street, we think the answer to the question is….a bit of fun!

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