With Halloween and Fireworks night 2011 now a distant memory and a lunchtime table in our Brasserie One restaurant for our popular Christmas lunch menu almost an impossibility except for a few last remaining tables on selected dates, its all about the countdown to Christmas 2011 now. If you fancy a spot of turkey lunch with all the trimmings at a reasonable price in Westminster, best to book quick as a few remaining tables still available for December 7th, 12th, 13th, 16th , 19th, 21st and 22nd.

one great george street events teamThis year our Sales team have managed to cunningly persuade myself and two members of my team to get some exercise and fresh Westminster air with them.

Rather conveniently, the two ladies who will be joining me for the Minster pie drop are on either side of me in this photo with Ali on my right and Aoife on my left.

We allocate a dedicated event coordinator to every event so if you haven’t already, you are bound to meet one of us at some point.

Margaret is on my far left and Yvonne on the far right. We’ll be walking the streets of Westminster to drop off mince pies to our clients in the area.

Our revenue manager (not best known for her creative marketing skills, sorry Victoria!) came up with the Minster pie drop acronym which has stuck within our team.

If you fancy a complimentary mince pie being dropped off on your Westminster doorstep to brighten up your afternoon tea break on a potentially gloomy December winter afternoon, send me an email to let me know. Only if you or your company have requirements for meetings, dinners and events generally and are based not too far from us though. I am getting on a bit you see and don’t want to over exert myself! We will be pounding the streets armed with our Minster pies on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 13th to 15th December.

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