You have probably already seen it but I have only just actually seen the T-Mobile spoof Royal Wedding video on YouTube. If you are one of the last in the world (like me!) it’s a must see, watch it via the link I have included.

I have to say that I was amazed at the uncanny likeness of some of the participants, not mentioning any names, dont want to end up in court! The creators of this video appeared to have had some insight into the clothing choices of some….? It turns out that look-alike Prince William is actually a Civil Engineer and member of our parent organisation, the Institution of Civil Engineers. He is a loyal OGGS visitor and is next coming in for lunch on the 24th of May.

We have always known that our Brasserie One lunchtime restaurant produces food, wine and service fit for a king :-), could you feel that pun coming? When we asked him more about it, Simon commented: “My mentioning that I am in fact a civil engineer has been getting quite a reaction because people just cannot believe that my normal job is so different from the look-alike work!”

If anyone would like to find out more about our lookalike Prince William or book him before he jets off for his Caribbean honeymoon, you can visit his Prince William lookalike website for more details.

That’s it from me for today but keep your eyes peeled as my head is buzzing with ideas for my next blog update about the new round of Westminster ceremonial celebrations coming up.

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