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- 01 Aug 2017

Quinoa? Suits you sir.

Have you noticed how food has become the new fashion? Like its sartorial cousin food is something that we must all have and what you choose to eat ‘right now’ would seem to say so much about who you are. Are you more likely to say “Freekah, that’s so last year darling” or “French mustard, I’m not touching that fancy muck”? Do you consider yourself a food fashionista or the catering equivalent of a pair of 70’s platform shoes?


- 12 Feb 2016

Want engaged guests? Don’t forget their brain food!

Is it me or does it feel like Christmas happened about 6 months ago? In truth I have only been back at work for a few weeks and all I have to remind me of the festive season is an extra spare tyre round my middle and a very, very light wallet. I will say, however, that the 2016 Christmas Brasserie One and banqueting menus have already been written and should be available soon for any of you wanting to make a disgustingly early booking.

Like me, many people will be carrying around a bit of extra timber at the moment and January has always been the time when the ghost of Christmas just past is enough to make us half-halfheartedly adhere to those equally half-hearted New Year’s resolutions about trying to eat more healthily.

That’s the way it goes isn’t it; January self-loathing followed by 11 months denial?
Well I’m very pleased to say that many of our customers have a far more enlightened and modern attitude to food and this has been reflected on the new One Great George Street banqueting menus. Gone are the days when organisers would just saturate their delegates in sugary snacks. I don’t know about you but after the crash following a sugar hit I just want to snooze.