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- 10 Feb 2015

Wedding venue solutions and Valentine’s Day Proposals

My mum once told me that Valentine’s Day cards should be sent anonymously to someone you liked rather than sent to the person you are already with. Well maybe that was the case once upon a time but for most of my adult life it has been about sending to your loved one.

Wedding venue solutions at One Great George Street

Well that is not the only trend that has changed over the years; Valentine’s Day or more accurately, St Valentine’s Day has become another ‘good’ reason for us to part with our hard earned money to fulfil the expectations of others and buy gifts, cards and flowers.  I am still amazed when I see how much restaurants and hotel rates increase throughout the Valentine’s Day weekend.

As a conference and events venue with a successful wedding business, we of course have a vested interest in 14th February.  My cynicism is quashed and I am heartened to see that this time of year remains to be one of the most popular times for proposals along with Christmas and New Year.  As a result the level of wedding enquiries increase significantly during the days following Valentine’s Day.  On cue this year, on our return after the Christmas seasonal break, we were happy to have received a number of enquiries and will hopefully get a good number after Valentine’s day proposals.

We shall be running another Wedding Showcase this year following on from the success of the one we ran last September on a Sunday. On the evening of 16th April the doors will be opening to wedding planners and prospective wedding clients who have enquiries close to the date. This time round, the show case will take place on a Thursday evening which will be more accessible for many of those who work in the wedding industry, given that they are usually working at the weekends and when they are not, usually want to have some time to themselves!

Our hand-picked suppliers will be in attendance showcasing their products and services, the venue will be fully dressed in its wedding best and you will have the opportunity to sample food and drink from our wedding menus.

If you are a recently engaged couple and still considering the perfect central London venue or wedding planner then register now to visit One Great George Street.

- 26 Sep 2013

Caipirinhas, Guaraná, Pastel and Bobó de Camarão

Most of us will know that Caipirinha is a nice cocktail although perhaps not its origins. What do these things have in common you wonder? Well, if you are Brazilian you will know that they all come from your home country.
On 11 June, the Brazilian Permanent Representation to the International Maritime Organisation, which is based just over Westminster Bridge on the south side of the River Thames held a lunchtime reception to celebrate the 148th anniversary of the Riachuelo Naval Battle and Brazilian Navy Day and which included Awards of the Order of Naval Merit Medals.
The Great Hall presentation with the Brazilian Navy
Presentation in the Great Hall
Having attended previously receptions here given by the Chilean Navy, the organisers saw our stately Great Hall as the ideal location and venue for this very important occasion.
Guests included naval attachés from many countries as well as representatives from the Royal Navy and other diplomatic representatives. Those in active service came in full ceremonial uniform which made the cloakroom an interesting sight with all the caps carefully laid out.
Brazilian Navy Caps
Brazilian Navy Caps 
In all, there were 300 guests, first assembled in allocated spaces for the award of the medals. Guests were greeted at the door by Admiral Mendonca, the Brazilian Navy’s most senior representative in the UK while the medals were given by His Excellency the Brazilian Ambassador. Special messages from the President and the Head of the Navy were given in writing to guests in a commemorative handout.
After the formal proceedings ended, guests were offered Caipirinhas, red and white wines, soft drinks and Guaraná, a very popular soft drink available all over Brazil and also now here where it is available in some Waitrose stores.
Great Hall at OGGSVenue the Brazilian Naval reception
 The Brazilian Naval reception in the Great Hall
A selection of canapés including the Pastels, a very light pastry plus a selection of bowl food, one of which was Bobo de Camarao.
Bodo de Camaro at OGGSVenuePastels at OGGSVenue
The organisers held a tasting with us to see how good we were at making these 2 food items and give or take a few minor adjustments they said we did very well and on the day they turned out perfectly. Similarly they tested our cocktail making skills and were impressed with our Caipirinha mix.

- 16 Jul 2013

One Great George Street hosts Westminster charity event for young people

Social Mobility Foundation Logo

Welcome to my latest blog; this week we have asked Jason Hesse, a guest of the Social Mobility Foundation event to write about his day at One Great George Street.

I was fortunate to attend an event celebrating the launch of a new programme from the Social Mobility Foundation at One Great George Street last week. As a freelance journalist, I get invited to attend quite a few events every week, but the programme involved, City Talent Initiative stood out as a particularly interesting cause.
City Talent Initiative is a new programme run by the Social Mobility Foundation in collaboration with Ernst & Young, J.P. Morgan, RBS and Strutt & Parker to support high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds to gain access to leading City firms.

The idea for the City Talent Initiative started with a challenge from Rt Hon David Lammy MP, who questioned how to overcome the barriers to entry for talented young people who do not have access to jobs in London’s City.

Social Mobility Foundation: Mark and Baroness Kramer and Rt Hon David Lammy MP
Mark and Baroness Kramer, Rt Hon David Lammy MP,
the CTI students and Janki an SMF student 

With little “social capital” – such as access to opportunities through connected friends and family – many of the best and brightest miss out on working in one of the best places in the world to do business, the City of London.

In other words, the opportunity to work in some of the world’s most-dynamic companies lies beyond the reach of too many young people.

The City Talent Initiative hopes to change this, matching applicants with a City mentor and summer internship. Through skills sessions and real insight into the professional world, young people’s opportunities can be transformed.

“When it comes to securing a job in a top City firm, social capital matters,” says Baroness Kramer, one of the programme’s supporters. “By working directly with companies and schools, this scheme will help provide individuals with that initial link to an internship of job that many young people find hard to access.”

OGGS was fortunate to host the City Talent Initiative launch last month, which brought together 60 high-fliers and young people over breakfast networking session. Indeed, the early-morning attendees were welcomed with bacon and sausage sarnies, warm croissants and fresh fruit in the wood-paneled Council room.

Social Mobility Foundation Mark Field MP, Baroness Kramer and Sir Victor Blank
Mark Field MP, Baroness Kramer and Sir Victor Blank 

Rt Hon David Lammy MP himself attended the launch and gave a keynote address about the programme. He praised the cross-party political support that the City Talent Initiative has attracted (in addition to himself and Baroness Kramer, Mark Field MP is also a supporter).

As well as launching the programme, David Johnston from the Social Mobility Foundation, praised OGGS for being such a “great venue” which, being just a stone’s throw away from the Houses of Parliament, made it easier for high-profile speakers such as Mr Lammy to attend.

Following the launch at OGGS, the future of the City Talent Initiative looks bright. For young people interested in accountancy, banking and finance or business, the programme will help to open doors in the City; while for City firms, the programme will help them attract a wide-range of bright graduates and interns.

The City Talent Initiative will not only support students this year through internships, skills sessions, mentoring and university advice, but also with repeated internships every year through education and university trips and workshops.

You can find out more about the programme – and how to get involved – on the Social Mobility Foundation’s website.

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