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- 17 Aug 2017

One Great Wedding Tasting Event

Our team at One Great George Street can’t wait to show our couples what we can do when it comes down to the food and service that we provide.

For the first time ever, we are hosting a tasting event where couples can experience and taste some additional extras that will make their day one to remember.

Our skillful team will be on hand to answer any questions that they may have and to guide them into designing their perfect menu!

To find out more please visit this page

- 14 Aug 2017

It’s Summer, so you really need to be thinking about Christmas…

Christmas at One Great George Street

Long summer evenings, bright mornings, being woken by the dawn chorus and the prospect of a barbecue later in the day all mean that we are right at the best part of the best of all seasons – Summer! We wouldn’t blame you for not considering the cold dark nights, wet and windy weather, ice and snow that seem so far away. And that Christmas shopping list can certainly wait a few more months. Frankly, we don’t think that you should think about it too much except for… booking your Christmas party at One Great George Street, of course!


- 15 Jun 2017

Tasting the Stars

On the day Dom Perignon shouted to his fellow Benedictine monks in the Abbey of Hautvillers “Come quick brothers, I am tasting the stars!” little did he know that he had just changed the wine world forever. Dom Perignon was the legendary monk in the Champagne region who first experimented with blending different grape varieties in the 17th century to obtain a rounder, more complex and interesting wine by drawing from the best characteristics of each varietal. Because of the colder winters in Champagne, wine had to be bottled before it had reached peak fermentation which would be re-awakened upon the arrival of spring, due to the residual yeasts within the bottles, as temperatures rose. The result – bubbles! And lots of them…


- 05 Jun 2017

Those lazy, crazy days of Summer

Where is this year disappearing to?  The warm weather has only just bothered to turn up and the feeling of arriving and leaving work in daylight is still a pleasant surprise but in truth the year is flashing by. Give it a couple of weeks and we’ll be closer to next Christmas than last and the nights will start drawing in. No, please, don’t thank me for that encouraging thought!


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