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- 02 Aug 2016

The Banqueting Menu – from Planning to Plate

Chef, One Great George StreetOne of our biggest undertakings of the year is without doubt the writing of the banqueting menu. At the moment we are right in the middle of the main of period of menu writing, but the process started months ago and will continue for a few more months to come. To be honest by the time the new menu comes into operation in January 2017 it will feel like an old friend and we will be comfortable and confident with our new dishes. Strange as it may seem, the process of creating the next year’s menu starts with the first function of the year in January. We will be looking at the customer’s menu choices to see what information we can learn. Have they gone for the new dishes or stuck with what they know? What combinations have they chosen? Are they choosing safe options or being bold?


- 27 May 2016

Cheers to our new beverage list!

Every year, after the madness of the Christmas season has faded and in preparation for the budget release in March, I start to review our Beverage List. I take into consideration sales figures for the past year and what potential price changes might occur.


- 18 Mar 2016

SeeAbility Spectacular Raises £90,000!

- 15 Mar 2016

Fresh fare from Pierre

To my surprise I am often asked if I go down to the food markets in the morning to buy the kitchen’s produce for the day’s business. When they ask me I’m sure they have visions of me strolling through a French style street market in the soft but bright glow of early morning sunlight with a flat wicker basket over my arm exchanging pleasantries with Pierre the butcher and Jacques the fishmonger: so tell me monsieur, what blessings has Mother Nature delivered you from the ocean this fine morning? Loup de mer? Wonderful, I shall create a wonderful special on the menu this very lunchtime.

I am sure that there are some small, stand-alone restaurants where something similar to this may happen, but this rose tinted illusion is the creation of T.V. chefs with heavy ladles of artistic licence for dramatic effect…


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