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- 14 Jul 2016

Venues: Why be part of a collection?

OGGS Night Shoot 2012

Being a stand-alone, independent venue is not always easy. While it definitely has its advantages, such as full control over day-to-day management and procurement which allows us to pass on the very best produce and services to our clients, we do everything ourselves without the helping hand of a sister organisation. Without drawing on a larger pool of manpower, Marion and I need to be selective in choosing which trade shows, forums and networking events will best showcase our fabulous venue, One Great George Street (OGGS). (more…)

- 03 Jun 2016

OGGS on Tour

OGGS on tourWe don’t just like to hide behind the name, we like to go out and promote it too! The sales team here at One Great George Street keep a close ear to the ground in order to scope out the best and most relevant networking events to attend. There’s been some exciting ones recently with Citizen Events on the last Friday of every month giving us the opportunity to meet with event bookers and other members of the industry.


- 29 Mar 2016

What makes a good FAM Trip?

Untitled designHere at One Great George Street (OGGS) we try and make each client experience as unique and personal as possible. Once we had the Paramount Pictures events team come in for an evening and we were racking our brains as to where to host them and how to differentiate from the norm – we had just been informed of our brand spanking new HD projector in the Telford Theatre and that was it…a light bulb moment and we went from there.


- 01 Feb 2016

Why ‘Old is Gold’ in Event Sales

Seeing is believing! A good, old-fashioned site visit still has the wow-factor for me at OGGS!

Seeing is believing! A good, old-fashioned site visit still has the wow-factor for me at OGGS!

Old will always be gold in event sales as while it’s important we move with the times by getting tech savvy, nothing beats face-to-face and one-to-one communication. How else can you develop a strong, trusting and positive relationship with that new client, and maintain one with a loyal customer?

People still buy people, and I find it refreshing to go back to basics. One of my favourite recurring moments is a guest’s reaction as they step into our Great Hall and can’t help but look up in awe at its exquisitely painted ceiling.

My own reaction was captured recently for an impromptu wedding photoshoot as pictured.


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