October 2012 archive

- 31 Oct 2012

My Halloween 2012 Villain

Something strange is going on in the Cafe bar tonight….

Halloween in OGGSVenue Cafe Bar
Warm welcome to our Cafe bar

Having worked on my pumpkin creation, here is the finished scary piece of art.  What do you think?

Pumpkins at Halloween by Chef at OGGSVenue
My Pumpkin Carving Creation 2012

Now must dash back into the kitchen. It has been a busy day and I have trick or treaters waiting for me at home too! 

- 29 Oct 2012

My 5 VIP…Very Impressive Pumpkin Promises…..

Here I am….sat with my carving tools, 25lbs pumpkin and expectations to better my 2011 Hallowe’en carving.

The Pumpkin arrived from Entremettier, my Covent Garden supplier yesterday. As growing conditions have been less than ideal in 2012, the pumpkin is not quite as gargantuan (212lbs) as last year. He is nevertheless a good shape, size and condition for anatomical dissection and transformation into hopefully an epic character.

Halloween Pumpkins at OGGSVenue
2012 Pumpkin pre-carving

Everyone would like to know what I will be carving, but I’ll let you into a little secret…..I dont know yet myself. Sure I have an idea, but it’s not until you start carving that it all comes together. It’s what I love about pumpkin carving; the creativity and uncertainty. Here are 5 pumpkin promises until you visit my blog tomorrow to see the finished article. The 2012 masterpiece will hopefully be…..

1) definitely a boy. It’ll be far too ugly to be a girl

2) a villainous figure of some sort, it is Hallowe’en after all

3)  evil and bijou rather than enormous!

4) inspired by an American artists called Ray Villafane. Perhaps unexpected in a year celebrating all things British, but if you take a look at his website, you will understand why I have drawn inspiration from him

5) displayed in our on-site Cafe Bar from 11am on Hallowe’en. The Cafe Bar is open to the public and if you are visiting to admire the pumpkin tomorrow, you can pick up a free Lavazza by simply whispering ‘Pumpkin’ to any of the serving team on this one day only.

Pumpkin surgery can take anything from one hour to five hours. Best I get on with the most fun and creative responsibility on my job description in my temporary Harley Street type office! Until tomorrow…

- 05 Oct 2012

Mo Farah, OGGSVenue and 2012 Meetpie MIMAs

In my mid-August blog post I made reference to 66 press conferences. By the end of the Paralympic Games we actually ended up with a grand total of 89 press conferences this summer! When Jemma therefore casually mentioned that she may like to try her hand at contributing a guest blog post, I did not have to think too long about it. We are now in our busiest business season. Therefore, may I introduce to you…..Jemma Hunter (Account Executive)…

Hi there, I’m Jemma! I’m a Scottish-born, slightly American sounding Londoner and sometimes known as the “office thespian” (or drama queen!). I suppose you could call me a typical girly-girl as I like all things pretty & pink, I have a huge shoe collection (much to my fiancé’s disgust) and I make accessories in my spare time. I’m also painfully camera shy…

OGGSVenue ladies celebrating their double gold

That’s me in a nutshell, and this is my blog post – I hope you like it!

We thought we’d said goodbye to all the Gold winners for 2012 at the end of the Olympic and Paralympic games but, as it turns out, there were a couple of shiny gold awards in store for OGGSVenue…(although we’d be hard pushed to wear ours round our necks a la Mo Farah).

After the inevitable crash back to reality when the London Media Centre closed, I was thrilled to join our Sales & Marketing team for the 2012 Meeting Industry Marketing Awards, for which we were shortlisted in two categories.

As an all-girl group, you can imagine the amount of primping that went on beforehand! In a flurry of excitement and hairspray, we somehow managed to leave work in time to enjoy a glass of pre-awards champagne. After tucking into delicious grub, courtesy of our friends at The Brewery, and another cheeky glass of bubbly, the awards were set to begin. Tension began to mount around the table as our somewhat distracted Marketing team put on their best “trying-really-hard-not-to-think-about-it” faces.

As our first category was announced (Best Direct Marketing Campaign), our hearts skipped a collective beat.  We never thought we would win Gold for the second year in a row in the same category.

The second award (Best Digital Marketing Campaign) made the night all the more special as this new category was deemed ‘the one to win’. Apparently digital marketing is the next ‘big thing’ or so Anna (the leading light in our Marketing team) keeps telling me.

The feeling when One Great George Street was announced as the winner of both gold awards was simply amazing. I was overcome with pride, both for my talented colleagues and for the fact that I work in this award-winning venue.OGGS truly is a venue to be proud of. It’s a real pleasure to come into such stunning surroundings every day and I love showing our spaces to new visitors and seeing their reactions! That feeling of pride never gets old.

Five very tired ladies, two golds (like Mo), one big celebration. An unforgettable night!